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Owner/Editor – Brock Browning

Hey there kayakers and enthusiasts! My name is Brock Browning. I’m the founder of KayakBasics.com. I have a passion, for kayaking that runs through my veins. It has driven me to create a central hub where everything related to kayaking comes to life.

Experienced Recreation Lead with a demonstrated history of working in the leisure, travel & tourism industry, specifically outdoor education, and recreation. Skilled in Equipment Maintenance, Spanish Translation, Leadership, Wilderness Medicine, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Bachelor’s of Science in Recreation, Sports, and Tourism Management, with minors in Spanish and Outdoor Leadership at the University of Idaho, graduated in the spring of 2021.

Kayaking is not a sport or hobby to me; it embodies a way of life. I have spent hours exploring lakes and conquering rivers with my paddles. This blog serves as my platform to share both the joy and knowledge with all of you.

Expert – Mitchell Raynard

Introducing Mitchell Raynard, a specialist who’s a valued member of our esteemed team, at KayakBasics.com. With a degree in Tourism Management from Thompson Rivers University and a diverse professional background Mitchell brings a perspective to the world of kayaking.

With his roles as a Sea Kayak Guide and whitewater kayak instructor Mitchell possesses expertise that spans across various aspects of kayaking. His experience ranges from sea expeditions to exhilarating whitewater challenges.

Through the acquisition of Mukwah Rafting Mitchell finds himself uniquely positioned to merge tourism with practices. His goal is to promote eco technologies like hemp based materials aiming to make contributions to Canadas growing green technology sector.

Mitchell Raynard goes beyond being an expert in kayaking; he embodies thinking by recognizing the interconnectedness, between tourism, sustainability and water sports.If you’re interested, in the trends of friendly kayaking or if you seek firsthand knowledge, about the excitement of whitewater expeditions Mitchells extensive knowledge and experience will provide all the information you need.

Advisor – Greg Paquin

Introducing Greg Paquin, the Director of Coaching, at Kayak Waveology, LLC and an expert you can rely on at KayakBasics.com. With a 29 year background in outdoors sports coaching and a profound passion for sea kayaking Greg possesses the combination of skills to guide you on your kayaking journey.

A Challenger by Nature; Whether its conquering engineering feats or navigating kayaking scenarios Greg thrives on taking on challenges.
Versatile Expertise; From overseeing large scale construction projects to leading intimate kayaking adventures his experience spans a range of areas.
Passionate Educator; Greg takes joy in sharing his knowledge. Firmly believes that having a great coach can significantly impact your ability to achieve your goals.

Feel free to reach out for advice or coaching—Greg is always enthusiastic about providing assistance.

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